Terms and conditions

The general policy of the website

  We are Click. for travel tickets. It has been established and working in Belgium. It offers its services via the Internet to sell airline tickets, hotel reservations, cars, cruise ships and other things related to travel services.
Click. for travel tickets obtains its products, goods and conditions which are provided to the public by the distributors of travel services (GDC) which has a large group of contractors and service providers such as airlines, rental cars, cruise ships and hotel owners.
General Conditions
“We” or “Us”: Wherever it is used here, in our website, written in the electronic or traditional mail or postal mail from us, it refers to - the name of the company.
“You”: Wherever it is used here, in other sections of the website or through correspondence means, it means the Customer or the Customers i.e., the Buyer or Buyers.
“They” or “service providers”: That means the third party which is the providers of the source service, i.e., contractors, owners of airlines, hotels, cars and cruise ships.
“Ticket”: Wherever it is used, it means the ticket of the aircraft. Unless it is used to denote something else, the meaning thereof shall be clarified
“Purchase”: Buying the ticket
“Booking”: It means hotel booking, car rentals and cruise ships. Unless it is used to indicate something else, the meaning must be clarified.
 Service Providers: (GCDH) is the entity or company that distributes basic travel services such as information, prices, flight schedules, the applicable regulations and conditions and which are obtained from service providers.

Limits of Liability

We / Click. for travel tickets:
  Based on the above, our role is limited to booking and selling tickets and other goods and products related to travel, accommodation and tourism.
Provide all information that helps the customer to complete the purchase and booking.
Provide assistance to the customer in responding to his inquiries or contact on behalf of the concerned entity or company about his request or provide the customer with all means of communication with the concerned entity or company.
We are not responsible for any material, psychological or physical damage to the customer due to misunderstanding or error during the purchase and booking process or during travel or residence.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by lack of information, inaccuracies of the dates or the mismatch of specifications of the item or product.
We disclaim any liability for any additional financial costs imposed on the customer by the source as a result of error or misunderstanding or for reasons determined by the source.
The customer shall bear the additional costs related to the shipment of the bags, the increase in weight or the fees levied at the airports or the fees obtained from granting entry/ visa.
The customer shall bear the additional costs imposed on him in hotels, accommodation or tourist facilities for additional services.
We are not responsible for any problems or disturbances accompanying the travel or accommodation process such as cancellation of flights or strike, change of residence rules or place and time of delivery of the product.
“You”/ “customer”:
  You are fully responsible for yourself and for the persons you book or purchase a ticket or tickets for.
Your full responsibility for all procedures, actions, steps you take, the information you provide, the documentation you use and the options you use by using our website to purchase tickets or complete the booking process.
You are responsible for the source of funds used in the payment process.
Your acceptance of the supplier's conditions and the existing conventions or controls is unconditional.
You are responsible for any error or misunderstanding that occurred in the purchase and booking process, either with respect to prices, service specifications, or the goods you intend to purchase.
You are fully responsible for the authenticity of the documents and the conformity of the information contained therein, used in the purchase process.
You will incur additional financial burdens or damage due to misunderstanding by you or error in the process of purchase, booking, cancellation, failure to observe the rules of travel, lack of validity of your documents, non-compliance with the terms of the goods or the product agreed or for reasons specified by the source.
“They” / third party, service providers:
  They shall have legal and financial liability in the event of an error in determining prices or lack of information regarding travel, trips, accommodation, delivery and departure, arrival dates, specifications of the service or agreed goods or obstacles that prevent access to the product or commodity.
They shall bear legal and financial liability when they fail or refuse to fulfil their obligations or failure to provide the products and goods concerned because of the strike of their cadres at work, change their work rules, bankruptcy or fraud and manipulation of the agreed specifications of the commodity.
They bear financial and legal responsibility in the event of non conformity of the specifications of the product or the agreed product.
Special conditions:
  We mean the conditions specified by the service providers (contractors, airport management, airlines, car rental companies, travel agents, companies and hotel owners), which must be considered well before making any reservation or purchase.
Baggage: In general, low or economical low airfares do not include baggage service and sets conditions that specify the size and weight of the bag and the prices. In case there is no indication that the price of the trip includes baggage service, contact us or read the supplier's terms carefully.
Meals: Low or economical airfare rates do not include onboard services including a menu. You must specify a menu or beverage and pay for it.
Special services: There are additional costs added to the ticket in exchange for services such as choosing the seat to sit inside the plane, or the shipment of a pushchair or the elderly or to provide health care on board.
  Most airports in the world charge for the use of airport facilities. Security measures, means of inspection, entry and exit and the required documents are also determined through their gates. You must comply fully with them.
  Each hotel has its own policy on: arrival and departure times, use of hotel facilities, meals and times of serving and end, smoking and smoking places, children and extra beds, pets and their accommodation, accommodation, cost and care.
The majority of hotels also indicate the specifications of the accommodation, the area, the number of people allowed to be accommodated, the view, furniture available and the conditions of use, providing furniture and additional blankets, parking and the service of communication and the Internet.
You should carefully review these details, identify the services you need and know the total cost to be added to your booking invoice.
  Car rent companies require driver's age, vehicle insurance, driver's license and financial cover to sign a rent contract. Some companies raise insurance fees or add other services to the insurance plan or impose an additional cost in the case of an alternative driver or the small age of the driver and lack of experience in driving or change the place of delivery. Fines are also determined in case of damage or running out of fuel upon delivery.
Pay attention to all these details and calculate the additional cost along with the basic invoice.
Cancellation and delay policy

  Dealing with this issue is absolutely subject to the policy of each company. However, mostly in the absence of clear text indicating refusal to accept the request for cancellation or delay, the general rule is that the time factor determines the acceptance of the request or not. In general, submitting the application on the same day of the flight time or a few hours before makes the acceptance of the application impossible. Therefore, the application must be submitted before the appropriate time, preferably 48 hours before flight departure.
Service providers (airlines, car rentals, cruise ships and hotels) will charge a fee for accepting the application.
On the other hand, we ... will charge a fee regarding not refunding the basic administrative of up to € 20 per ticket costs before any deduction.
  Bookings that include a non-refundable condition are difficult to cancel and refund. In other cases, the supplier's conditions must be complied with in this respect.
  The terms of the supplier shall be complied with in this respect.
Procedures for cancellation or delay:
  We will follow up your request on your behalf and address the company concerned. However, this does not cancel your right to follow up the request yourself and contact the company or the concerned body. We will provide you with all means of communication with them.
You must contact and send all information about your trip or booking: flight number, booking, date, name, family name, and the name of the company or entity concerned.
Booking confirmation:
  We will send the customer directly a text message and written one to his email or mobile phone to confirm the booking after the customer completed the purchase or booking through our site and then we will send other details of the booking. If the message is not received within 16 hours, the customer should contact us as soon as possible.
  Persons who are under the legal age or who do not have sufficient qualifications to book online must check their travel agencies.
Our prices:
In addition to ticket's prices and bookings, there are administrative or service costs of a minimum of 20€ per ticket.
Add 10€ to the ticket price if we or one of our staff fill in the information and complete the booking procedures.
In the case of telephone calls from Belgium to abroad, the region tariff is 1.5€ and from outside Belgium, according to the country's tariff.
  You, the customer, acknowledge that you read carefully the terms and conditions contained in the company's website - the name of the company - and accept them unconditionally and disclaim the responsibility of the company - the name of the company - of any financial or legal consequences. You, the customer, acknowledge your full responsibility for any purchase or booking you have made using the company's website - the name of the company - and waive your legal, financial and moral right to file any legal or financial lawsuit or follow-up against the company - the name of the company. You, the customer, hereby acknowledge your waiver of claim for compensation for any material, moral or psychological damage to your right through your use of the Company's website - Company Name.
Copyright and trademark:
  All articles, paragraphs, programs and ideas on the website of selling airline tickets, hotel booking, car rentals and cruise ships are the exclusive property of the company - the company - under intellectual property rights and publishing. Therefore, this right may not be breached without our express consent and we reserve the legal right and financial compensation.
  We reserve the legal right and financial compensation against attempts at defamation, penetration, fraud, and manipulation.
Disclaiming responsibility:
  We are not responsible for dealing with or the content of any links to other sites or advertising material appearing on our site.
  We have the right to change the general conditions at any time commensurate with the interests of the company.
Place of litigation:
  The Belgian judiciary is the body that is entitled to hear legal proceedings and disputes arising,